Smooth Parcel 2.0
A New Way to Deliver eCommerce Parcels

Access the best price for every parcel, regardless of destination
Share your own delivery rates at a profit

Smooth Parcel 2.0

Advanced shipment management network based on state of the art software

Smooth Parcel 2.0 is a game changer for online retailers and freight forwarders around the world

It combines a powerful label generation tool with a ground-breaking system that allows retailers in different geographic locations to share their courier accounts to mutual benefit.

Your online retail business can get extra profit and revenue by shipping parcels for non-competitive overseas retailers, the extra volume could get you even better rates from your couriers and when you want to expand overseas Smooth is there for you with the best rates on tap.

Smooth Parcel 2.0 is also great for freight forwarders who can use our system to add local, last mile delivery to their service – for parcels up to 30kg, ideal for shipments into Amazon FBA or direct to consumers.

Why Customers Love Smooth

Fully featured cloud based software and amazing, low shipping rates

Always the Best Price

Smooth Partcel 2.0 looks at all of the different options for delivering each parcel. We consider your contracts, your partners contracts and Smooth Parcel house contracts, including split shipping options and pick the cheapest available.

Simple, Cloud Based Software

Our software is cloud based and easy to use, it is reliable, functional and deployment is completely free. You can upload orders through integrations with all online retail platforms and marketplaces, or use our API, .csv upload or enter them manually.

Grow Your Business

Smooth Parcel can help you to grow your business in three different ways.

  •   Extra revenue for shipping parcels
  •   Access to revenue in new markets
  •   Sell products to new customers

Full Support

We support our software and your deliveries our staff handle customer queries over delivery and our tech support team provide software support to help you use our system.

Detailed Tracking

Tracking is provided, online for all deliveries door to door, even when you choose to use split shipping options our tracking is always complete accurate, detailed and up to date.

Bespoke Systems Available

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