About Smooth Parcel

Smooth Parcel was founded in 2016 by three international eCommerce industry veterans. Together we ran businesses that have shipped over a million international eCommerce parcels between 1995 and 2016. We believe in free trade, international eCommerce makes life better for the seller and the buyer. We believe that shipping a parcel from Hong Kong to London, or from Jakarta to Paris should be easy, fast and simple – it should be SMOOTH.

What is Smooth Parcel ?

Smooth Parcel is a parcel delivery service for eCommerce businesses outside Europe who want to ship goods into Europe. We currently offer live services to businesses based in Hong Kong, China and the USA, we plan to add. We combine software, services and help from real people to deliver the smooth, trouble free experience that sellers need when they ship parcels. Use of the Smooth Parcel service is currently by invitation only – If you are interested in being added to the list please Contact Us.